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Historical Restoration

Nova Restorations values the connection to our past, along with the nostalgic charm that historic buildings provide to our communities. Preserving these treasures through historic renovation or adaptive reuse not only brings new life to existing structures but also enriches our environment by making history part of our day-to-day lives. Without historical preservation our community’s historical buildings could only exist in picture books. For years Nova Restorations has been committed to preserving our heritage. That is not a slogan, it is one of Nova Restorations’s operating principles – principles adhered to every day, on every project. Before beginning a historical renovation, Nova Restorations project managers study the history of each project, who the builders were, what materials they used and how it was built. Only then can the best approach to the renovation be decided. This is applying Nova Restorations’s first principle of always doing what is best for the client; in this case gaining an appreciation of the historical project. Nova Restorations has always worked this way, and remains committed to preserving our heritage. Services We Provide The list of services that Nova Restoration, Inc can provide for historical renovation includes:
  • Chimney Caps (copper, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Chimney Repair/ Replacement
  • Slate, Sheetmetal and Shingle Mansard Replacements
  • Decks & Porches
  • Ornamental Drain Pipes Fabricated and Installation
  • Custom Gutter Fabrication/Installations and Repairs.. (O-Gee, Half Round)
  • Masonry Restorations – Brownstones, Brick, Granite
  • Metal Fabrication & Restorations, (Copper/metal Cladding, siding and roofing panels)
  • Roof Ice & Snow Removal (safely)
  • Roofing with old school and new technologies
  • All Historical Appropriateness Letters, Approvals, and Permits

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