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  • ● Single Ply Roof Systems Single-ply membranes are factory-manufactured sheet membranes. They generally are categorized as either thermoplastic or thermoset and include EPDM (rubber), PVC and TPO. Nova Restorations having successfully completed over 15 million square feet of single ply roofing over the past 15 years with over 10 million square feet currently under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • ● Metal Roofing Panel Systems There are three general categories of metal roofing systems used for steep-slope roofing applications: architectural metal panel, structural metal panel and metal shingle/shingle panels. The standing seam architectural metal panel systems are a traditional New England roofing solution that is both a long-term solution and provides special architectural beauty. Nova Restorations has the talent, equipment and experience to deliver a quality finished roofing system.
  • ● Slate Roofs Roofing slate is a dense, durable, naturally occurring material that is essentially nonabsorbent. The color of slate is determined by its chemical and mineral composition. Because these factors differ in various regions, roofing slate can be obtained in a variety of colors. Nova Restorations has the skilled craftsmen who have installed and serviced thousands of squares of various slate roofs.
  • ● Tile Roofs Clay tile is produced by baking molded clay into tile. Concrete tiles are made of Portland cement, sand and water in varying proportions. As a result, there are a wide variety of tile profiles, styles, finishes and colors available. This is a specialized application that the Nova Restorations craftsmen have been installing and servicing for years.
  • ● Custom Copper Cornices & Gutters A cornice is a decorative piece of molding that extends beyond a roof and is horizontally situated. Cornices are most commonly fabricated in materials that can be soldered such as copper, lead coated copper, stainless steel, terne coated stainless steel, and zinc. These types of copper work are a thing of beauty that last a lifetime and beyond when properly prepared and installed – at Nova Restorations we have completed thousands of feet of cornice and gutter utilizing our technologically advanced and fully equipped sheet metal shop.
  • ● Standing Seam Copper Roofing Standing Seam Copper Panels on a roof system are constructed of many interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof’s ridge (the top of the roof) to the eave. An architectural favorite, with the beauty that is sought by the demanding connoisseur who wants their building to have that long term weather proof protection and special beauty – A Nova Restorations specialty!
  • ● Flat Seam Copper Roofing Flat Seam Copper Roof Panels consisting of individual “pans” which are held in place by cleats and then the seams are malleted down and soldered. A specialized roofing style mastered by only a select few tradesmen for very particular building applications – Nova Restorations has installed this roofing system on numerous roofs for many satisfied clients over the years.
  • ● Roof Maintenance Programs Nova Restorations’s Service Department can assist you with scheduling bi-annual or annual inspection programs that will help identify problems, changes and breakdowns of the roofing systems. These inspections identify timely repairs to systems before they can become major problems.
  • ● Emergency Repairs/Snow Removal Another dimension of Nova Restorations’s Service Department is that numerous field personnel can be dispatched to reach our customers with extraordinary problems.
  • ● Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing Chimneys, parapet walls and custom masonry cornices can be repaired and updated by Nova Restorations’s masonry specialists. Waterproofing is a special application, usually to concrete that may require special sealants, primers, underlayments and overlayments. Nova Restorations has the technicians with the proven experience to complete these tasks.
  • ● Gutters & Downspouts
  • ● Wood & Fiberglass Shingle Systems
  • ● Emergency Storm Roofing Repairs

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green building

What is GREEN ROOFING? An aerial view of most urban areas shows swathes of asphalt, black tar and gravel-ballasted rooftops. Heat radiates off of the dark roofs, and water rushes over the hard, hopefully impermeable surfaces. Yet, there is a new trend that breaks up the monotony of common roofs: green rooftops. Long popular in Europe, green rooftops have begun to appeal to homeowners, businesses and even cities as an attractive way to promote environmentalism while solving the problems of conventional roofs. Green roofs supplement traditional vegetation without disrupting urban infrastructure — they take a neglected space and make it useful. Green roofs last longer than conventional roofs, reduce energy consts with natural insulation, create peaceful retreats for people and animals, and absorb storm water, potentially lessening the need for complex and expensive drainage systems. On a wider scale, green roofs improve air quality and help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition in which city and suburban developments absorb and trap heat. Anyone who has walked across a scalding parking lot on a hot, summer day has felt one effect of an Urban Heat Island. The layers of a green roof must, like any roof, accommodate drainage and protect the building from the elements with a waterproof membrane. But they also must create a growing area and potentially provide support, irrigation and root protection barriers while staying as light as possible. Nova has been a leader with using materials that work and make sense. We have found a GREEN ROOFING system that’s been proven to be efficient. It’s called theLIVE ROOF SYSTEM. We are certified and experienced in installing this type of GREEN ROOFING system. It was designed by a roofer, so it’s roofer friendly. Who better at logistics and installing and maintaing anything on a roof than a roofer? NOVA RESTORATIONS is the company more people are calling for their GREEN ROOF systems. General Benefits of Green Roofs Even today the opportunities of Green Roofs are still underestimated. The “natural look” is only one obvious credit within the broad range of arguments for Green Roofs. Further benefits of Green Roofs include the protection of waterproofing, water retention, thermal insulation, improvement of the climatic environment as well as new natural habitats for flora and fauna. No other architectural style provides such a wide range of positive effects for buildings, inhabitants, and the environment. Thus, Green Roofs meet one of the essential conditions of sustainable development, the reconciliation between economy and ecology. It is very difficult to find positive arguments for bare or gravelled roofs. Lower building costs for “Non-Green Roofs” in comparison to a Green Roof, are weak arguments considering it is only a short term calculation. Long term costs of maintenance and repairs of ‘naked roofs’ are much higher than that of Green Roofs. It has to be considered that roofs belong to the most strained parts of a building; if no precautions are taken and product qualities lack, problems arise quickly. Private Benefits Increased Roof Life The life expectancy of a “naked” flat roof is only 15 to 25 years, even with professional installation. This is due to the physical, chemical and biological stress on the roof skin/ waterproofing over the years. Temperature differences of more than 100 °C during the year and 60 °C over 24 hours are not unusual. UV-radiation and high Ozone ratios accelerate the ageing process of the waterproofing; which results in, material fatigue, shrinking, crack formation, and leakage. Green Roofs provide protection for the waterproofing. The vegetation layer buffers the temperature stress during summer and winter, and temperature differences of, 35 °C during the year and 15 °C over 24 hours are not usually exceeded. In addition, the Green Roof creates a protection layer for the waterproofing in case of mechanical damage like hail, wind, vandalism, and fireworks. Reduced Noise Levels Green Roofs reduce sound reflection by up to 3 dB and improve sound insulation by up to 8 dB. This is important for people who live near airports, noisy discotheques, or industrial parks. Additionally, electromagnetic waves from transmitting stations can be effectively shielded by the vegetation layer. Public Benefits Natural Habitat for Animals and Plants The sealing of the landscape by human building activities has several negative effects on the ecosystem and the human habitat. This applies in particular for urban areas, where a large share of the total land area is sealed. Vegetated Roofs can compensate for lost green areas. As “step-stone habitats”, they create lively and vigorous places and connect isolated refuges for flora and fauna within sterile city centres. Low maintenance extensive Green Roofs especially promote biodiversity, as wild bees, butterflies, and beetles find food and shelter there. Even rare and protected species can be found on Green Roofs. The natural cycle of plant growth, self-seeding and stress-selection lends to ecological systems with unique character. Stormwater Retention Green Roofs are very important instruments in preventing local flooding. Depending on the Green Roof system and the depth of the growing medium, the immediate water run-off can be reduced by 50-90%. Most of this water returns directly into the natural water cycle by transpiration/evaporation of the Green Roof. The excess rainwater is filtered and drained off with a temporal delay. This leads to reduced stress on the sewer system during the year and at peak flow periods. As a result less or smaller dimensioned sewerage systems can be installed. In combination with other forms of modern rain water management (for example, storage tanks or retaining trench-soaking hole-systems) the rainwater can be entirely infiltrated on the landowners ground. The benefits of Green Roofs for stormwater management can lead to incentive programs for Green Roofs in various cities, such as, reduced stormwater taxes. Heat Island Effect Global warming, increasing sealed surfaces and excess heat from residential buildings, industry and traffic are leading to continually rising temperatures within urban agglomerations. The temperature difference between a city and the surrounding countryside is referred to as the urban heat island effect. In summer this effect can reach nearly 10 °C. The urban heat island effect drastically reduces the quality of life and impairs health of the city’s inhabitants. Natural “air conditioners” such as green areas and parks can absorb up to 80% of the energy input; however, in densely populated districts green areas are rare. Landscaped roof surfaces are an alternative, as they decrease the “urban heat island effect” through the process of transpiration and humidify dry air. This process lends to a better climate for the occupants of adjacent apartments and buildings. Reduction of Dust and Smog Levels Inner city air pollution can cause serious adverse health effects, which has been proven by numerous studies over the last years. In particular, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, volatile organic compounds, and diesel exhaust gases are creating dangerous combinations of toxic substances for urban inhabitants. Plants are able to enhance the quality of the air. One square metre of Green Roof can filter approximately 0.2 kg aerosol dust and smog particles per year. In addition, nitrates and other harmful materials in the air and from rainfall are deposited in the growing medium. Cities and Landscapes Green Roofs are visually enhancing the quality of life in the cities. Already a few blooming “islands” are able to interrupt the monotony of the grey, dismal city centres and better people´s mental and physical health. Not only in cities, but also in rural areas, Green Roofs allow industry buildings to blend harmoniously with the scenery.


AT NOVA RESTORATIONS, WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION… “I have called on Nova Restoration for emergency work several times for my locations. Of course this was done in the most inclement weather conditions possible and was met with quality, timely, professional workmanship and service each and every time. In these days of contracts and indemnifications it’s nice to know a hand shake still holds it’s value. I will continue to use Ken and his company for all my properties installs and emergency work.” Michael P. Kinsella General Manager Hertz Equipment Rental 45 Gerard St. Boston, MA 02119 140 Centre of New England Blvd. Coventry, RI 02816 Phone: 617-442-4210 Fax: 617-442-9259 Faxgate 866-444-6564 Cell: 617-869-8891 …………………………………………………………………………………… Recently Nova completed a small but important and complex project involving repairs to the roof of our Beacon Hill residence. I found Ken and his associates responsive, professional, courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative with respect to technical approach, scheduling and performance. Together we worked out a plan for the operations which could be preformed in this season, and the work was executed as scheduled with a minimum of inconvenience. I give them high marks in a sector of the industry where excellence in sometimes hard to find. Frederick A.(Tad) Stahl FAIA Burt Hill 303 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210 617 654-6015 …………………………………………………………………………………… “The workmanship is Quality Rated & the Business Relationship is trustworthy.” MEDIATE MANAGEMENT …………………………………………………………………………………… “The Coordination with other trades was excellent. Nova’s knowledge of Historic work here at The Public Gardens locale was terrific.” METRIC CONSTRUCTION …………………………………………………………………………………… “Ken Portanova submitted shop drawings, manufacturing literature, schedules & requisitions by the book. The projects with Nova Restoration Inc. are a pleasure” GRASSI DESIGN GROUP ARCHITECTS …………………………………………………………………………………… “We successfully used Nova on Commercial projects and trust him on Residences of personal friends in high places.” ARIS MANAGEMENT …………………………………………………………………………………… “As a Construction Consultant specializing in Roof Technology Nationwide; I’ve seen few firms that match Nova Restoration’s total program.” ROOF/MAX



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